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We offer the widest assortment of white, milk, dark and color chocolate masses with different cocoa products containing.

Chocolate masses could be used for:

  • molded chocolate production and chocolate candies;
  • coating of confectionary and curd products, an ice-cream coating;
  • as flavoring ingredients, etc.

All chocolate masses are produced with proven high quality ingredients from leading European manufacturers.


We present to your attention the line of gourmet chocolate masses for chocolate fountains filling. The assortment includes white, milk, dark and color (at your discretion) chocolate masses. Product is ready for use, it is only necessary to preheat.


Specialists of R&D department developed a wide range of fillings recipes with varied tastes. Natural ingredients, respect for the recipe, modern equipment and experience of specialists helped to create fillings which are perfect in taste and texture.


The most demanding Customer will be satisfied with compound in our product portfolio. You personal sales manager and R&D department specialist are always ready to help you with selection of needed product.

Our compound could be used for:

  • confectionary items glazing;
  • curd products coating;
  • covering of an ice-cream.

In our assortment:

  • thermostable chocolate drops for baked products;
  • white, milk and dark drops for using as décor and inclusions in confectionary and dairy items, breakfast cereals, snacks, etc;
  • white, milk, dark and color splinters (caribe);
  • sugar nonpareil (mono and multi colored);
  • fat fillings and toppings.

We offer high quality raw materials from leading manufacturers:

  • cocoa mass;
  • cocoa butter;
  • cocoa powder (mass fraction of fat is 10-12%);
  • vegetable fats;
  • nuts.
years successful work

on compound and chocolate mass market

individual recipes

developed for Customers

technological support

by R&D department specialists with the ability to create recipes according to Customer’s requirements

logistics centers

for quick response to order

We provide

The success recipe of CC MiR is obvious: the company recognition in the market and receiving awards were ensured by innovation and service.

The highest quality level

Quality raw materials, modern equipment from market leaders, knowledge and experience of the company specialists allow us to achieve high quality of produced products

Exclusive Solutions

Our R&D department specialists are guided by the latest world trends when creating a new product

Technological service

R&D department specialists accompany the product from the moment of receiving an order for development to setting up a production batch of the product on a Customer’s line

Operational logistics

Thanks to logistic centers in the largest cities of Ukraine and professionalism of company managers the fastest and the most profitable delivery of orders is ensured

Safety guarantee

The company's production facilities are certified according to ISO 22000 and IFS, the principles of HAACP are observed, which ensures maximum safety and quality

A variety of packaging

We offer different options for the form of packaging in combination with various forms